Our Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy, set out below, is kept simple, in order to maintain clarity about what we do with your data. We have purposely not started with a templated privacy policy, because so much of it would be irrelevant.

What Data Do We Never Collect?

As long as you are using a genuine, signed version of our software, we can guarantee that we never store or transmit any card data which is collected from cards under test. We do not even offer a 'Save As' facility in the program at this time - though it is possible to copy/paste from the 'Raw Data' area in Standard and above versions.

As is explained in our help documentation, if you are still concerned about card data despite the reassurances above, then you can permanently block SBR2015 from accessing any network resources using a firewall. For speed of activation, however, it is advisable to activate on a network-connected machine.

What Data Do We Collect?

We only collect data about you at three significant occasions in our relationship with you:

Email Communication

If you email us, we will retain emails for as long as is necessary to be able to provide a good service to you. Typically, if emails contain sensitive information (which we would discourage), then we would delete such information as soon as it has been used, whilst retaining the original body of the email.

If we believe, from the content of your email, that our software is being used for criminal purposes, then we reserve the right to share your personal details with the relevant law enforcement authority.

Activation Information

We request just two pieces of personal information relating to you at activation time - your name and email address. We also derive locally, a unique machine ID which applies to the machine you are installing to. At our server, we detect your IP address, and store this on our activation server.

Your name, email address and IP address are stored within a secure database, albeit as clear data. We also ask whether you are happy to receive marketing information - the email address given during activation is the only email address to which we will market, and only if you permit us to do so.

Purchase Information

All of our license fulfilment and software delivery is handled by MyCommerce/Share-It (A Digital River Company). During the transaction, you will need to supply standard customer details, such as name, address, email address, contact details, and payment details.

Any data shared with MyCommerce/Share-It for transaction fulfilment will remain within that company's systems as per their privacy policy, and will only be used by us in order to fulfil your order, or to provide support, service or resolution. We will not use data supplied to MyCommerce/Share-It in order to market directly to you.

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